Ticket Plan Terms and Conditions

Booking Refund Protection - Terms and Conditions

The booking vendor will provide you with a refund for any unused booking if you are unable to attend the booked event due to any of the circumstances set out below.



The following words or phrases have the meaning shown below wherever they appear in bold in this document

Accident - A bodily injury confirmed by a doctor that prevents you from attending the booked event.

You/Your/Yourself - A person who has made a booking alone or as part of a group with us.

Doctor - A qualified medical practitioner registered with a recognised professional body. A doctor cannot be yourself or a member of your immediate family.

Emergency Services - The Police, Fire and Rescue Service or Emergency Medical Services

Booking/Booked event - The pre-planned and pre-booked service(s) / event(s) / ticket(s) transacted with us by you and provided within the United Kingdom

Group - Any number of people who have made a booking with the booking vendor with booking Refund Protection in the same transaction.

Illness - A physical or mental condition confirmed by a doctor that prevents you from attending the booked event.

Immediate family - Your husband, wife, partner, civil partner, parent, child, brother or sister.

Normal Pregnancy - Symptoms which normally accompany pregnancy (including multiple pregnancy) and which are generally of a minor and/or temporary nature (e.g. morning sickness, fatigue etc.) which do not represent a medical hazard to mother or baby.

Pre-existing medical condition - Any disease, illness or injury (whether diagnosed or not) existing at or before the date of booking and for which medical advice or treatment has been sought in the 12 months preceding the date of booking.

Public Transport Network - Any mode of public transport other than public hire taxis licensed for public use on which the customer had planned to travel to a booked event.

Ticket - A non-refundable, authorised ticket that was purchased from a recognised and reputable booking vendor where Booking Refund Protection has been purchased at the same time as purchasing the ticket(s).

We/us/our - The booking vendor with whom you made the booking.

What we will refund?

We will refund the cost of your booking if you are unable to attend a booked event due to:

What we will not refund?

We will not provide a refund where:

We will not pay for travelling or associated expenses (unless travel costs are included as part of the total booking price), or any loss other than the purchase price, including booking fee, of the booked event.

We will not pay any consequence of war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolutions, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout, terrorism, malicious intent or vandalism, confiscation or nationalisation of or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority.

We will not pay any loss caused directly or indirectly by:

We will not pay any loss caused directly or indirectly by damage or destruction directly occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft or other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.

We will not pay any costs you incur in submitting or providing evidence to support your refund application.

General Conditions

a) you must make all necessary arrangements to arrive at the event on time.

b) you must not be aware of any material fact, matter or circumstance, at the time Booking Refund Protection is purchased, which may give rise to a refund request.

c) you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce any request for a refund.

d) Unless we agree otherwise:

i) the language of this document and all communications relating to it will be English; and

ii) all aspects of the contract, including negotiation and performance, are subject to English law and the decisions of English courts.

Requesting a Refund

You must either visit www.ticketplangroup.com/refund-application-form and complete an online refund application form or write to us at TicketPlan Administration Service, Leigh House, Broadway West, Leigh On Sea, Essex, SS9 2DD in order to request a refund application form as soon as reasonably possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may lead you to request a refund.

You may be asked to provide at your own expense the following: